JetPurple Airwayz Corporation's services are public charter flights that operate on a published schedule and are sold to the general public according to regulations issued by the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT).

JetPurple issues tickets and administers passenger funds in accordance with USDOT regulations that provide for enhanced consumer protections not available from other commercial scheduled passenger airline providers.

All flights are registered by JetPurple Airwayz Corporation with the United States Department of Transportation and are operated by third party Part 135 FAA Certified Charter Air Carriers and are subject to the United States Department of Transportation Public Charter Regulations, Title 14 CFR Part 380. Go to for more information.

Public Charter flights are a way of providing air transportation services that are subject to USDOT regulations. These federal regulations provide enhanced consumer protections over airlines operating under FAA 121 by specifying minimum contract terms and imposing requirements for handling of passenger funds.

The United States Department of Transportation advises passengers that:

“Charter flights can provide excellent value, and they often operate nonstop in markets where scheduled flights would be less direct. In addition, many charters don’t have all of the restrictions of scheduled service discount fares, e.g., advance-purchase, stay over a Saturday night, stay no more than 30 days, etc. Finally, most charter fares are not “capacity-controlled” like scheduled-service discount fares; every seat on the airplane is usually available at the advertised fare.“